lyrics and music by KENZO SAEKI

After the breakup of Halmens in 1982, with essentially all members of the band transitioning into support roles for Jun Togawa (almost all would go on to participate as members of Yapoos), the lead singer Saeki was left a bit adrift. Pearl Brothers was his next project, formed in 1983, and he worked on the band while pursuing his degree in… dentistry!

Their major debut came in 1986 and the group released a string of albums, some of which were… successful, I think? They had a long career, with the first stretching until 1994 and then a reformation beginning in 2003. Most recently they’re famous for doing the opening to the auteur anime Welcome to the N.H.K.!, which I hear is pretty good.

For all you Togawa stans out there, there’s a live version of this featuring her. Have fun!

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