lyrics and music by AVU

Ziyoou-vachi have had something of a renaissance lately, releasing a bunch of popular albums and even earning themselves some anime theme coin with “HALF” from Tokyo Ghoul, which, coincidentally enough, features a remake of this track as a B-side. I prefer their earlier v-kei stuff, but I would definitely recommend checking out their Karei album if you want to try their more contemporary releases.

Translation and notes under the cut:

During those decadent days
Even as I was worn down I never watched
And I’ve never bothered to listen
To your important warnings

I memorized many things
Bad for my body and brain, but
Let’s write all of them off
Leaving behind only moment-long glimmers

Eighties, oh, disco
Even temporarily is fine
I want to exist without being aware
I want to free myself from knowing any more than this
I want to live right here
The only thing double-crossed are my expectations
When I am knocked down
Eighties, oh, disco
I’ll avert my eyes and dance the night away

Even as I progress, drawing lines of an order undecided
If these boring days are going to continue multiplying
I’d rather live without seeing them
All this heavy baggage, like nostalgia
Let’s leave it in the coin lockers in front of the station

Eighties, oh, disco
Futility and more
I’ll turn on the fire and make them keep running
I want to live without knowing
How the generation around me moves
Eighties, oh, disco
In the city at daybreak, when only silence remains
Eighties, oh, disco
As long as I keep dreaming I am undefeated

“I’m empty
Anyone is fine
I want to hear someone’s voice
I want to be touched
This loneliness
Don’t misunderstand it”
As soon as possible

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