lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music by NOBUO NAKAHARA

Track #8 off Turn the Y Dial! / Daiyaru Y wo Mawase!, and one of the two songs on the album to have an English title (along with “Men’s Junan”). Togawa’s English ability seems to vary from song to song but the one line she speaks in this is fine – it sounds like something she’d say in Japanese anyway and just adds to the song.

As for the content matter, it’s about alienation, I think. Like any good Togawa song is – no one can see what the narrator sees, no one acknowledges her, no one understands her.

Translation and notes are under the cut:

The morning sky is white, filled with sleet
But only the house over there is red with flames
Doesn’t anyone notice it?
Ah, no one can see it

We’ve known each other for a while, yes?
One summer we went and watched fireworks by the ocean
No one nods their head
No one answers

Please, put me into the loop (1)
And let me wrap around your finger

Never, never

It all feels sort of different today too
Both what I can see and what I can hear

Hey everyone, look at that!
Look at the sky, it’s not blue!
The fire that spits smoke in the sky
Like a dragon is visible only to me
And no matter how hard I try
I can still see it

1: Technically this is a bit of a pun – a literal translation of what she says is to “put me in that round loop,” meaning-wise asking to be included but through choice of words alluding to the next line, where she wants who she’s speaking to wrap her around his finger like a ring. I’ve cut the word ‘round’ because it sounds awkward in English.

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