lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music by SUSUMU HIRASAWA

One of Hirasawa’s most famous contributions to Yapoos and still a concert favorite for Togawa to perform. Keeping in line with Togawa’s penchant for medical metaphors, we now have a story about viruses and hatred.

Translation and notes under the cut:

When people thrust upon me
Their senses of hatred and rejection
I could sense it to an astounding degree
And I turned it into energy
Absorb and grow (Yuck!)
A virus that haunts me
Me, with my hatred of humans

Next, as a clinical trial
‘Those infected should take action
To further increase the revulsion
In the world,’ I wrote
A desire to vomit when hated (should follow!)
And to all those who happened to be present
I call out – “repulsive!”

Don’t hate me
Don’t hate me (Yuck!)
The virus matures

A certain doctor noticed
Good will itself as antibiotics
And a vaccine of love and courtesy
Reduces it to a virus reveling in spinelessness

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