lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music by TOSHIRO SENSUI

“This is a song full only of expressions of sensations and feelings, like ‘I like you,’ and ‘Kiss me,’ and ‘Hold me,’ all written by me, and I’m very opposed to lyrics that don’t have any sort of grounding in reality in them. These are rare lyrics, words I couldn’t write more than one time in my entire life. But they’re pretty romantic.”

One of the most well known tracks off of Yapoos Plan, and perhaps one of the only straight-up love songs Togawa has ever written.

Translation and notes under the cut:

I love you
I like you
Hold me
Kiss me
When I shut my eyes
Everything drifts away
We’ll forget it
Anything and everything

My body is hot
Kiss me
A kiss that fuses us
It’s heartrending
Because I wish it
As we are now
Don’t let go
You’re so sweet
I could die
And so like this
My heartbeats throb

Kiss me
Like we’re melding
No one
Don’t love

I love you so much

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