BiSH – VOMiT SONG (2017)

lyrics by LINGLING | music by KENTA MATSUKUMA

This was a commissioned translation by @cumvillain!

This song is about growing up and sort of looking back to the past for relief and comfort when you feel bad, according to an interview with Lingling.

Translation and notes under the cut:

I’m tired of them
Look, I’ll try replacing my friends, replacing them
Isn’t living easy?

It’s like
It’s not disgusting
But it feels unreasonable
I can’t go on like this

Even as I punish myself for breathing too much
I soon vanish with a sigh
Where do I go?
To a heart pure

Playground equipment
The blueprint of that place

Kind memories, I want to meet them again, but I can’t
A spew – I’m about to go back, I can’t go back
The bad weather brought with the scent of a new term

Sunny weather that could make my heart kinder
Can’t someone
Play with me?

I know
That I’m in the middle of becoming a bad person
And I can’t do
A thing about it

I was satisfied, but in a second
All around me becomes loneliness
That’s the city
A loop of
“I want to go back”

You know, I know what ‘white lies’ are
If you don’t want to see me
Just say it

My worries grow old
But inside
I’m just watching
Scenes from my childhood

Blown on the wind, nostalgic, those times
I put back my memories –
They blur
And I stood my ground

I simply passed the time trying, trying my best
And now I simply want to be left home alone

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