lyrics by KEIICHI OHTA | music by KOJI UENO

If you can’t handle her at her Tyrolean hats, you don’t deserve her at her bug wings.

Translation and notes are under the cut:

I put cheese into my knapsack

And a flask filled with wine
Today is Sunday, a day for mountain climbing
Via the newest model of cable car
We climb up and then go back down
Towards where all the boys hang out
Wandervogel, yoleihoo, yahoo (1)

Weaving through the forest, breathing in the ozone
The sound of ice axes, we make them echo
Our gait light as we cross the pass
In our stylish Tyrolean hats (2) waving our hands at the Brocken (3)
Where all the boys rest up
Wandervogel, yoleihoo, yahoo

1: She’s yodeling, I think.

2: See the hats they’re wearing in the video thumbnail. They’re like, the stereotypical Alps Hat™.

3: A mountain in Germany.

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