Miharu Koshi has had an interesting career, starting as a jazz-pop new music artist active in the late 1970s before undergoing a radical transformation into a experimental snythpop artist under Haruomi Hosono (of YMO)’s wing. This is from her second album from that period, generally regarded to be her strongest, along with the albums proceeding it, Tutu, and succeeding it, Boy Soprano. She now primarily records in French, veering more into opera and chanson-style jazz.

Translation and notes are under the cut:

Someone’s farewell letter
Underneath the table
They didn’t expect that I’d read it

But these sudden happenings
Are just tricks of fate
And you’ll forget me

From the other side of the mirror
You stare inattentively
Even when it’s the two of us
I’m always alone

“As fast as the wind, I’ll be right back”
Your voice is
Only ever calling out their name

Are you saying goodbye
From this close?

I can’t see a thing, because I cried
Until both of my eyes overflowed with tears
Because you had made me your fairy
We were all in a fairy tale

Your birthday party in early summer
I’m only ever there in my dreams now

Getting to meet you
Was like a treasure
Even though my cowardly bluffs
Got us in trouble

I really did
Like you
A whole lot

I never cared to know
Why you were here
Us, lovers in Ryuuguu-jou (1)
You, older than me
We always got along well
In those self-indulgent days

1: Ryuuguu-jou is the traditional home of the Japanese dragon god, located under the sea. Perhaps its most famous appearance is in the story of Urashima Tarou, a man who saves a turtle and is rewarded with transport to the palace, enjoying its luxuries. When he returns after 3 days, he finds that the world has aged 300 years in his absence.

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