lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music is TRADITIONAL

The music in this track is attributed to an ‘Andean folk song.’ I attempted to do some research going off what I know about Jun Togawa’s exposure to Andean music (IE, her usage of “El Borrachito” by Quilapayun for “Teinen Pushiganga”), but I couldn’t find anything concrete.

Translation and notes under the cut:

My name is called as a parent would
By a voice, its shouts rousing;
A person,
Floating atop Lake Khövsgöl, (1)
I yearn for the scorched soil of the Gobi

At the end of this lake – a country
I will remember you, oh sea spiders
The voices of people on horseback
As I ride the ocean currents
I can hear them coming

The echoing sound of waves
It sounds like crying
Oh, it sounds like crying

1: Togawa misspells the name of the lake in Japanese in the original, but I’ve corrected it in the translation.

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