lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music by NOBUO NAKAHARA

One of the few singles released by Yapoos during their time together, this song has Jun Togawa playing the role of a stalker, following her lover around everywhere. Togawa’s lyrics are generally straightforward here compared to some other songs, but she really can’t seem to get through a single song without using some sort of classical Japanese, which is a bit of a pain.

Translation and notes are under the cut:

I broke the window and snuck in
“Good morning”
And I kiss your frankly disdaining face
I’ll do your necktie for you
It’s just a part of
How much I love you
I’m starting to choke you
Maybe it’ll be a work holiday
For just us two

I followed you all the way to the executive section
“I really like you!”
Then I get dragged out by your coworkers
One of the secretaries laughs
With rationality like beautiful flowers
Fucking idiot
I lit her hair on fire with a lighter

The intention ephemeral of an honorable defeat draws ever closer
To actions borne of seething rage
Be that as it may, those feelings are only found
Within the wasteland of loneliness

“It really does hurt,” you say to me
But even so, you’re moved to tears
Your tears are so precious to me
That I won’t, I won’t ever do it again

I broke your lock and let myself in
Good morning!
It looks like we’re rejected by society, but
Really, personally, I hate being alone
Somebody’s screaming
Something about how leaving me alone’s dangerous

Since you’re all wincing already,
Here’ll be fine to cut my gut open (1)
With the famous sword “Kiku no honzan” (2)
A directly horizontal straight line
Or otherwise in the shape of a U
You’re amazed, and you yell at me to get a grip

The intense “Das Gemeine” (3)
Rather than inevitable folly, I wish to escape!
When I look back on the results of my rise
I realize it was simply a disturbance that bore no fruit

Pitifully, you even then
Embrace this girl tight
Ah, you –
In your arms
I won’t, I won’t ever again
You, so tolerant, your suffering

“It really does hurt,” you say to me
But even so, you’re moved to tears
Your tears are so precious to me
That I won’t, I won’t ever do it again

1: Togawa uses the word harakiri in the original Japanese.

2: I think this sword she’s referencing is made up? I tried to do some research but I couldn’t find anything even after doing some research so I just left it as-is.

3: Togawa’s referencing an Osamu Dazai short story here, one that seems to have no English translation – the original story’s title is in German, so I left it like that. Apparently it means something like “an average man.”

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