lyrics and music by TATSURO YAMASHITA

Yamashita is famous for his light, airy 80s pop-rock, forming much of the canon from which genres like future funk and vaporwave draw upon. I’d generally recommend many of his albums from the 80s, as he was generally very commercially successful and well-received critically throughout the period. This is his Christmas tune, which has become one of the, if not the, most well-known Japanese Christmas song. It’s about heartbreak, I think?

Translation and notes under the cut:

The rain’ll continue ‘til late at night
And then it’ll change to snow
Silent night, Holy night

I’m sure you won’t be coming
To the Christmas Eve I’m spending alone
Silent night, Holy night

Deep in my heart
The feelings I’ve hidden
Wishes that can’t be granted

Absolutely, if it had been tonight
I had a feeling I could’ve told you
Silent night, Holy night

They’ll still survive
My feelings for you
And the snow’ll keep falling throughout the night

A Christmas tree at the street corner
And silver sparkles
Silent night, Holy night

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