lyrics by JUN TOGAWA | music by TODA SEIJI

The first track of Yapoos’ final (to this point) release, CD-Y is a relatively marked departure from Yapoos’ previous work. It coincides with a darker period in Togawa’s own life, marked by another suicide attempt. It’s a good song both in and out of its context, however, and it features classic Togawa metaphors about color. In fact, you could say that’s pretty much all it is.

Translation and notes under the cut:

I’m blue
A deep blue
A marine blue
That understands you

I’m blue
An azure
A sky blue
That envelops you

But let it free
And I’ll be a sheer blue
That watches over you

I’m red
A crimson the color of
Flames released and blazing up
A fire red

I’m red
The blood red of
Fresh blood dripping
Still warm

What is fired from me
Is a deep red
With the scent of a rose

What flows from me
Is a sheer red
In the shape of a rose

Radiance is
But one color
That no matter the time
All people
Treat as important

Brilliancy, a firm color
Necessary, all the time
The what it is the color of love maybe(1)

White foam sparkles
There is nothing there yet
But light
So I’ll be a sheer white
That watches over you

I’m blue
A deep blue
I’m red
You’re white
A platinum
You’re white

1: I did not translate these lines – they’re English in the original song as well. The last line particularly is a bit difficult to understand. I’d guess the meaning is something along the lines of ‘What that is, is maybe the color of love’ or something along those lines.

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