lyrics by FOX | music by KOJI UENO

Before Guernica got all orchestra-y, their first album provided a nice balance between synth and 30s-style orchestral music. This song is one of the more markedly synthetic ones in the entire Guernica catalog, and one of the standouts from the album.

I’m not quite sure who FOX is. I ran some google searches and apparently he’s got writing credits on a few Togawa tracks and has a tenuous connection to HALMENS, a band in which Togawa was a member, but there’s no Wikipedia page for him or anything. Suppose it’s just a mystery lost to time at this point.

Worth noting that the title of the song is written with the now (and then) outdated katakana ヰ instead of イ, rendering it Cafe de Sawiko in purest Romanization.

Translation and notes are under the cut:

I am here; come find me
At a clean café where there’s no one else
With the menu that has the coffee you like
I had waited, thinking
For a long time, my heart paralyzed too
Gazing at the version of you inside of my memories
As if gone mad, I repeat –
Countless ‘I Love You’s

My flesh, having forgotten those movements
My vocal cords, losing their voice
My own words, disappearing
What remains are simply images
That won’t be played back, inside memories
One person standing still – an unfamiliar you
I stare at you, the one I should have loved
And expressionlessly, I exist

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